Increase sales and automate your dairy business with DairyTech360

Use DairyTech360 to track, manage and execute your depot, wholesale & doorstep orders with accuracy, forecast and fulfill orders with absolute ease.

Increase in Profitability

DairyTech360 solutions allow dairies to track incoming orders, determine revenues, manage deliveries, and maintain records with a few clicks.

Ease of operations

DairyTech360 will ensure that all functions are well-organized and managed, ensuring smooth sales distribution. With our simple yet advanced solution, dairy companies can streamline operations.

Multichannel distribution

Seamlessly manage your Depot/Warehouse Transactions, Wholesaler's orders & B2C doorstep deliveries (individual customers) easily with Dairytech360

Business Expansion

DairyTech360 helps dairies expand their business operations and supply milk and other products to various groups, including individual customers, depots/franchisees, hotels and restaurants, retailers, schools, and campuses.

Digitize : Automate : Scale

Improve efficiency and profitability with Dairytech360

Streamline your wholesale and depot operations with our comprehensive digital solutions. From real-time inventory tracking to managing wholesale orders and e-commerce platforms, we provide dairies with the right software tools they need to improve efficiency and profitability.

Join the digital revolution and take your dairy business to the next level with Dairytech360.

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We Have Features To Manage Your Various Business In One Software

Dairy Centralized Admin

A Centralized admin dashboard to manage & track your incoming orders, inventory, sales, delivery management & etc.

Order Processing

Maintain inventory & process your incoming orders from different channels, such as wholesalers, depots, and doorstep.

Customer Management

Manage & track different types of customers, such as wholesalers, depots, and doorstep.

Delivery Tracking

Our Delivery App helps delivery trucks/delivery men with their daily allotted orders & Geolocations of these orders.

DairyTech360 is a perfect tech tool that simplifies the entire Distribution process by implementing a profitable solution, which makes the sales process more efficient, transparent and faster.

Insights from those who have utilized our offerings

Dairytech360 has transformed the way we manage our dairy business. Their solutions have made our operations more efficient and increased our profitability.

Digs Rade

Farm Owner

"The delivery management system, DeliveryX, has revolutionized our distribution process. Real-time tracking has improved the accuracy of our deliveries and reduced costs."

Mattew Kylie

FoodTech Founder

"DepotX has made it possible for us to manage multiple depots with ease. Real-time inventory tracking has improved our customer service and reduced costs."

Raul Khatri

COO, Khatri Icecreams

"The e-commerce web and mobile app, Milk Delivery System, has allowed us to reach our customers directly and has increased our sales. The platform is user-friendly and convenient for our customers."

Scott H

Dairy Owner

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